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Business is the context in which companies move and compete.
The “challenge” of market competition is explicit in it and this “challenge” requires a readiness to <continuously improve> and a <sense of responsibility>for all of those operating in it, irrespective of their role (from entrepreneur to blue-collar worker, from executive to clerical worker). The continuous challenge to improve as organisations means dealing with a constant state of change which can put stress on everyone involved.

It is important to:

  • Know how to use the positive stress, so as to cope with the sometimes difficult process of continuous improvement which is the mainstay of company success.

In contrast, it is highly counterproductive:

  • to constantly and inevitably fall into the trap of producing negative stress in your environment (internal and external); the result being the more or less rapid deterioration of your capabilities, leading to an inevitable internal crisis at some point.

The real challenge to be overcome is that of making the continuous change and the consequent change in an organisation which are required by the market (business) compatible with the real possibilities that people have to effectively feel that they are “part of the team” (awareness), motivated (energy) and professionally willing to question what they have achieved (humility and loyalty) in order for something to be obtained with renewed commitment.

Obviously, an entrepreneur, an executive, a manager of any office or group who doesn’t ask himself what his people’s motivation and willingness to face such a challenge are is only partly doing his job.
But, above all, the organisation’s real possibilities for performing at its best will inevitably be diminished.

This is why I feel that these considerations, although they have to be adjusted in every organisation according to context, its history, its market goals, identify a :

  • the more people are recognised/allowed space within the organisation (dignity and respect) and perceive the “sense” of what they are doing (involvement), the more the conditions prompting maximum commitment (loyalty) are developed and bring out the best in people (responsibility).

This is the approach that I consider essential for standing together to face the extraordinary and difficult challenge of continuously changing.


To help to build and/or improve the human resources system of customer organisations in order to support the organisational development needed to achieve challenging and lasting results.  

Modus Operandi

Offering executive consultancy services to entrepreneurs and/or to management and/or specialist consultancy services to Human Resources departments, for setting up, developing and/or improving the human resources control and management system.
Setting up a human resources management system means creating the necessary consistency between strategies, policies, goals, rules, tools, procedures, styles and behaviours in the organisation.
Making business and people compatible means bringing together and , and , and .