Organizational Development & Human Resource Management

Who I work with

I work with industrial and/or services companies that want to understand IF and/or HOW to define the policies, tools, methods and rules of their human resources management and development system.

Because I work according to the “people” system, the client company’s sector or size does not matter.

It is essential that we agree upon the conditions and aims that will feature in the human resources control and management system to be created.

I am used to working with companies/organisations of various sizes, from 50 to 700 employees, from completely different sectors and with diverse people/skills.

Main cases:

a. setting up a personnel management system

b. assisting the internal structure with human resource matters

c. supplementing the skills of the internal HR structure

d. filling HR roles which the organisation lacks 

  1. The entrepreneur and/or company management intends to assess “if” and “how” to implement a system within its organization. One of the main objectives in this case is to identify the guidelines for development of the Human Resources department, that is to say, the skills which will be necessary to continue to work in that field, in line with top management characteristics and taking into account the existing organisation.It means understanding the correct form of the future HR department according to the specific context and identifying its top priorities, tools, rules, etc.
  2. The entrepreneur and/or company management and/or manager of the specific department feel that it is useful for someone to work alongside the in-house department, for comparison purposes which may lead to an improvement in their policies, skills, tools and methods.
  3. The entrepreneur and/or company management and/or the HR department intends to supplement the skills of the in-house department, not yet fully staffed, to deal with some matters relevant to human resources management and development.
  4. The entrepreneur and/or company management must provide a stand in for the HR manager or one of the department’s service heads if the person in question is temporarily absent.